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Direct Vapor Vendor Review

So you've scoured through the list of available brick and mortar vape stores in your area. You're tired of dealing with their nonstop price gouging, their poor stock of quality and affordable e-liquids, and their constant desire to shill their own overpriced “in-house blends”. Vaping doesn't have to be an expensive hobby but unfortunately, there are those who don't share the same mindset and easily charge double the price for your average starter kit.

Getting your vape gear online is fast becoming one of the best options in this rapidly evolving market. After all, who can say no to a vast repository of well-curated and high-quality e-liquids and devices all accessed through a few mouse clicks? But the world of online vape retail isn't all sunshine and rainbows either. One of the biggest hurdles to shopping for vape gear online is knowing who to trust with your hard earned cash.

While many online vape stores fall into obscurity due to a wide variety of reasons (poor shipping, lack of stock, shady billing methods, you name it), there has been one retailer that's managed to persevere and shine through the cloudy realm of online retail. Direct Vapor is quickly becoming one of the most reliable sites for your online vape needs. The main reason for this is because Direct Vapor has pretty much everything covered; from supplying your favorite e-liquids, helping you get started with your first basic kit, all the way down to carrying one of the most extensive selections of high-performance box mods.

direct vapor reasons to shop

The Best Reasons to Shop at Direct Vapor

Highly Competitive Pricing

There's absolutely no doubt, it doesn't matter if a retailer offers the absolute best customer service imaginable, if you're an average vaping joe, no way are you choose a product priced 20-50% market value just to experience this awesome customer support. At the end of the day what we're trying to say is that Direct Vapor offers the entire range of their available stock at some of the most competitive prices in the market. This means that you won't have to worry about splitting your order between different vendors due to each having their own low-priced goods.

Thanks to Direct Vapor's 15-day price match guarantee, the term “competitive pricing” actually might be an undersell. The way it works is if you find an item on another site or vendor with a lower price than what's displayed on the Direct Vapor website, Direct Vapor will offer that same item to you at the same lower price. What impressed us about this is that it works even after having completed your purchase. Direct Vapor offers a 15-day window wherein you can be qualified for a partial refund if you find that the item you purchased from them is being sold for a lower price.

Authentic and High-Quality Stock

As an online retailer and distributor, Direct Vapor understands how concerned their customers are of the potential quality and authenticity of the products they sell. Due to this,you literally wont be able to find a single listing of any cloned or counterfeit products on their site as Direct Vapor only supplies the real deal when it comes to everything, whether that may be for e-liquids, atomizers, and most importantly e-cigs and box mods that rely on sensitive electronic wiring and volatile battery packs that can be catastrophic when manufactured incorrectly.

This alone gives every customer a totally worry-free experience when purchasing from their site as all items are guaranteed 100% authentic and manufactured by the original designers. While we're not saying that other vendors attempt to pass off clones as authentic devices when listing an item for sale, it does happen that certain clone specifications aren't as forthcoming as they need to be, which can potentially confuse newcomers to vaping and is exactly the type of thing Direct Vapor has managed to avoid throughout their business.

Fast and Free Shipping

One of the most annoying things about shopping online is the potential wait times when it comes having your order delivered to your door. That goes double when the vendor tacks onDirect Vapor Free Shippingadditional shipping fees that simply feel arbitrary. Direct Vapor avoids this common pitfall with their quick and totally free shipping policy.

If you complete your order before 12 PM (EST), it's not unusual to receive your order the next day. While most orders take up to 2 days before delivery is complete, there are a few exceptions as Direct Vapor themselves state that orders to Hawaii and Alaska can take up to 2 weeks to be fulfilled. The good news though is that shipping is still completely free, even when shipping to these 2 states.

Awesome Warranty and Return Policies

While Direct Vapor does its best to source their stock from only the most reputable brands in the business, its a reality of life that a few lemons do fall beneath the cracks and make their way to your door. Direct Vapor has got you covered though with their lengthy 60-day manufacturer warranty that applies to all non-consumable and non-disposable products (e-liquids, coil heads, cartomizers, etc). Atomizers such as tanks and RDAs aren't covered by this warranty as well unfortunately but that's mostly for hygiene purposes.

There are also occasions where the item you ordered is already on its way, but for some reason changed your mind on what you want to get. Direct Vapor has you cov

Direct Vapor 60-Day Warranty

ered in such cases as well. As long as the item itself is unopened in its original packaging, you can return the item within 15 days of receipt for a full refund without suffering the usual restocking fees that most retailers like to impose on returned items. While the return or RMA process does require you to shell out for shipping the item back to Direct Vapor, Direct Vapor guarantees a full refund on shipping costs on all items ascertained defective within the 60 day warranty period, or returned in original condition within the 15 day return period.

Our Overall Take on Direct Vapor

If you couldn't tell by this point, we're huge fans of Direct Vapor and the services they offer to the vaping community. Price matching isn't often seen in many online retailers so we're more than pleased to see Direct Vapor support it, even going as far as to partially refund already completed purchases just to stick to their word. Their excellent stock and variety of products not to mention the excellent return policies is just the icing on the cake and one of the reasons we think Direct Vapor is one of the most popular online vape vendors out there.

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Roger Becker

I got an email from Direct Vapor notifying me that they’ve taken over the customer list from and offering a 25% discount. So, I logged in and purchased an RTA. The first two colors I chose showed, ‘Out of stock – will ship upon arrival.’ My third color choice didn’t show that message, so I assumed that meant it was in stock. The next day I checked the status of the order and it showed a notice that I had to send a picture of my driver’s license to prove I’m old enough to purchase vaping products. Their ‘usual… Read more »
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