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Coil Building: The Beginners Guide

Probably the most exciting part of the vaping culture is the creative nature when coil building that comes along with it. You don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to design an effective coil. If you have a little interest in building coils then stick to what is provided by manufactures. If you are interested first thing you should know is there is a level of respect you must give when working with anything related to electricity. Doing something wrong can blow up your mod, blow up your house or at the very least get your mod extremely hot.

The benefits of building your own coils

The best thing overall is you are able to customize your vapor production to exactly how you want it. Generally speaking, most that build their own coils is because they want to make the biggest clouds. The benefits of building your own coils means you can tune your coils to match exactly what you want.
Along with making your own coils, it is quite fun to design things from your own hands. It gives some sort of pride and accomplishment. Just knowing that what you made is giving you the result you are wanting.
With all that is mentioned and at the end of the day making your own coils help you save money and not spending more than needed with other Atomizer systems.

Coil Tool Kits

The first thing you will need is a coil tool kit

This is one of the cheapest but good quality set we found here Toolkits It comes with 1 handbag, 1 coil jig, 1 Organic Japanese cotton sheets, 1 screwdriver, 1 ceramic head tweezers, 1 scissors, 1 ohm meter, 1 kanthal wire, 1 flat cutting pliers, 1 diagonal pliers.

Coil Building Material

The growing industry means that there are also a growing amount of options when it comes to the coil building materials you can use. The type of wires you will use depends on a couple things like
1. The Atty
2. What are you trying to accomplish ( Hugh clouds for cloud chasing)
3. Performance
4. Are you using for a temp control mod
When choosing coils it is best to use Kanthal but other popular materials are Nichrome, Pure Nickle, Stainless Steel or Flat Kanthal. Normally you would want to stick to 22-28 gauge.
The wicking material is also growing when it comes to options but we have always suggested the Japanese Organic Cotton but other options you can use are Cellucotton Rayon Fibers, Vaping Specific Fibers or Silica/ Ekowool
Any cotton that you may choose just make sure you get the Organic unbleached cotton. You can usually find at your local drug store or online at Amazon. Once you get your cotton it is not absolutely necessary but we do recommend you boil your cotton to remove any unseen pesticides chemicals or whatever that may be in the cotton.

Battery Safety

Before we got started we wanted to knock out some safety tips but another rule of thumb is to never go against what any manual tells you. Always stick to their precautions.
Just one rule of thumb. If you ever feel that your battery is getting too hot put it down and walk away. To avoid it getting hot all together make sure you research more than just this article. Become a professional and learn all you need to know. Check out this blog about this subject Ready Build Atomizer Coils
Never leave your mod around flammable material. For extra safety, it is recommended to unscrew your tank off the mod. Of course, never leave your mod in direct sunlight or where it can overheat.
Don’t overcharge and use the proper charging cables. Don’t over leave it charging overnight and keep an eye on it when charging.

Building The Coil

1. Cut 2 pieces of kanthal about 5- 8 inches long and wrap it around 1/8 “Philips screwdriver 8 times. Do not overlap. Repeat with the 2nd wire
2. Cut the leads. Make sure to leave one side longer than the other. We recommend about 2 ½ inches on one side and 1 ½ on the other. Remove your RDA and place it on the OHM reader
3. Thread your coils and heat them. Take your wrapped coils and thread the ends of the coil leads into the post of your RDA. Tighten your post with the screws. Snip the coils right at the post. Turn the RDA around and thread the other coil. Tighten the screws. Using the ohm reader heat the coils until they glow red. Pinch the hole with your tweezers. ** SAFETY PRECAUTION** Do not touch coils with tweezers while firing unless you are using ceramic tweezers
4. Center your coils. Don't let any part of the coil touch the RDA except for where the leads touch the post holes. Check your coil resistance
5. Cut two pieces of your cotton. Twist the ends of the cotton and put through the centers of the coils. Thread the cotton through the coils and cut the ends off. Make to leave room to put it underneath the coil and juice well and leave a little room in the middle to get some airflow underneath the coil.
6. Put some of your e-juice on the cotton. Attach the RDA to your mod put the cap on and enjoy.

D. Muniz
About the author-

Was a smoker since the age of 13 till he started vaping in 2015. Still fighting the nicotine addiction. Currently runs and owns the online vaping shop

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