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Caffeine in your E-Juice

I’ve seen caffeine-infused e-juice been sold before in the last few months. But I’ve never had any before let alone held it in my hands. To be absolutely honest, I’ve been afraid to try it! I’ve seen articles on the news about how dozens of people have gone through caffeine overdose and had to be hospitalized. This being a newer untested product back when I first saw it, made me very skeptical; however, I’ve always wanted to try it as I can never function in the morning without a hot cup of joe. Fortunately, a buddy of mine was willing to part ways with his bottle of caffeine-infused e-juice so here are some of my initial thoughts.

I am not going to comment on taste or throat hit as this isn’t the topic of discussion and thus I’ll also leave the brand and name of the e-juice anonymous as well. My biggest complaint about the e-juice was the lack of labeling of how much caffeine was in the bottle. The only thing the bottle said was “with caffeine.” Like nicotine, caffeine is a stimulant and in large doses could potentially be fatal. Knowing how much is in the bottle is crucial for users.

So I took a chance and used it on my best vape mod. I checked my resting heart rate at the beginning of the hour and checked it again after an hour of vaping the caffeine-infused e-juice. No difference. So great I’m not going need hospitalization which, of course, is fantastic news. As far as how I felt, I really felt no difference at all. I didn’t get the sudden jolt of energy when I normally have an energy drink or a cup of coffee. So I decided to continue using it for the rest of the day just to see if it took longer for the caffeine to kick in for some reason.

Well, around midday I started to get groggy and that’s normally when I need my midday “pick me up” so that I don’t fall asleep after lunch. The e-juice didn’t change this at all; I still felt like I was going to pass out at my cubicle without my coffee or energy drink. Needless to say, I was highly disappointed about the caffeine-infused e-juice as I really did have high hopes for it.

I got curious and after getting a cup of coffee, I did a bit of research and some reviews on what everyone else thought about the caffeine-infused e-juice. And sure enough a lot of people said the same thing; however, some people claim to experience headaches as well. I was fortunate to not be one of these people, but I can definitely see this happening considering caffeine (as well as a lot of other items such as bananas and even chocolate) is a trigger food for migraines. My father suffered from very intense migraines while I was growing up and I remember distinctly a long list of food items and coffee was definitely on this list.

Some further speculation on why I did not feel that jolt of energy throughout the day is due to the fact infusing caffeine with e-juice can’t be done without destroying the taste of e-juice. A cup of coffee is roughly 100mg of caffeine. To get the same effects as a single cup of coffee, the e-juice mixologist would have to mix a very high concentration of caffeine in each bottle of e-juice. No one is going to use an entire of bottle of e-juice in one sitting, so 100mg of caffeine would have to be ingested in just a few short puffs for the user to feel the effects without chain vaping.

Keep in mind pure caffeine is very very bitter. I once tried caffeine-infused water before, and it was quite nasty, so having a very high concentration of caffeine would definitely ruin the flavor. So since the bottle of e-juice I tried didn’t have any bitter notes, I’d say a low concentration was used.

Furthermore, caffeine has a lower boiling point than nicotine does. As your vape vaporizes the e-juice, the caffeine could easily have dissipated, especially due to the lower concentrations in the e-liquid I was using.

Lastly inhaling caffeine is not the best way to get caffeine into your bloodstream apparently. From this study found here, it seems caffeine is only 60% potent when inhaled versus ingested orally.

Although it seems like a fantastic idea, the idea of having caffeine in your e-juice is most likely a gimmick. Considering caffeine naturally has a very bitter taste, dissipates at high heat, and only 60% potent when inhaled caffeine-infused e-juice doesn’t seem to be a viable option. Unless you’re okay with super concentrated caffeine that tastes very bitter, you’re better off getting your morning fix from coffee rather than looking at e-juice as an alternative.

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The study you are referencing focuses on the effects of heroin mixed with caffeine. Not vape juice, which most would agree are not comparable mixtures. Its stated in the title and through out the article which I assume you read or skimmed. You cant imply this can be considered comparable to PG or VG + caffeine. Link: Title:Population pharmacokinetics of caffeine and its metabolites theobromine, paraxanthine and theophylline after inhalation in combination with diacetylmorphine(heroine). “….In order to obtain insight into the pharmacology of caffeine after inhalation in heroin users, the pharmacokinetics of caffeine and its dimethylxanthine metabolites were studied…” Also… Read more »


Despite the negativity of my first post I think it’s great that you took the time to dive deeper into this little covered subject and use a reference to back up your information. Honestly, I rarely ever see anyone back up their claims with scientific research.
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