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Best Dry Herb Vape Pens You Should Buy

In this digital age and with continuous innovations vaping dry herbs is the latest popular addition among all the new additions to enjoy cannabis. The innovation has developed up it in more easy-to-use, stylish and affordable forms. This new wave includes the best vaporizers. These dry herbs vape pens can also be called loose-leaf material vape pens.

These have proved to be great and idol for portable vaping and for enjoying in your leisure time with friends and family. The new portable herb vaporizers appear to be one of the most popular good in the market and their great demand opens up the opportunity of many exciting and overwhelming infinite options in terms of flavors, prices and various other categories to choose from.

Like numerous other vape sites, offers all these varieties from which some of the best dry herb vape pens are shortlisted here. So, grab your favorite pen or try any something new but the following list must be in your collection.

Mig Vapor Herb-E

mig vapor Herb-E reviewIn the family of Migvapor’s line of best quality marijuana vaporizers. This Mig Vapor Herb-E dry vape pen is the latest addition in its kind. The best part is its small size and is extremely easy to use and its low prices adds one more advantage. Some of the key features of this pen include:

  • Makes no noise at ALL.
  • The LED indicator with three temperature settings.
  • Amazing vapor quality and flavor.

See it here


Evolve D Kit by Yocan

Yocan Evolve D VaporizerThe Yocan Evolve D Kit is an amazing vape device for dry herbs. The D Kit is known for its special coiled technology called the Dual Pancake coil that is famous for its effective heat dissipation that allows improved flavor. In addition, the removable cap on the Kit is known to help in adjusting the herb and the kit heats in a range of 3.2 to 4.2 Volts with a maximum coil wattage up to 150 W.

The Kit is powered by 650 mAh batteries that may not look like much but can power vaping sessions for 4-6 hours. With the filling and removing of herbs being extremely convenient, the kit itself is quite small which makes it extremely portable.

The key features of this pen are:

  • It is durable with adjustable airflow.
  • Big chamber for dry herbs.
  • Button available for cleaning.
  • Dual Pancake Coil Technology.

See it Here

Mig Vapor Matrix

matrix dry herb vaporizerOne more of the amazing production of Mig Vapor is the Mig Vapor Matrix. Although it has plastic vaporizer it is still durable. With a little bigger size, you get a good amount of battery in return. This too works with herbs, e-liquid, and wax.

The bigger ceramic heating chamber makes it the crispest vapor ever and the matrix is easy to use and clean. With a little higher price and size, you get a good battery and amazing flavor which makes it totally worth it. Some of the key features include:

  • Heats up in 40-second.
  • A wide range of temperature control.
  • Digital OLED display.
  • The smart memory feature.

See it Here


Mig Vapor Torpedo

Mig Vapor TorpedoThe special creation for non-stop vapors, MigVapor came up with this amazing product. It comes with one of the biggest battery pack and the advanced heating chamber gives an amazing capacity for longer vaping sessions. Even if the battery runs out, you can use it while charging too due to its pass-through technology.

The kit includes a USB charging cable, mouthpiece, two long black silicone mouthpiece covers, three silicone mouthpiece covers, extra mesh filters and a cleaning brush. The highlighted features are as follow:

  • Three distinct heating temperatures.
  • 1.7 ml of chamber capacity
  • Large battery with the capacity of 2200 mAh

See it here 

Selecting the best dry herb vape pen:

Apart from the list above if you find it difficult to select a pen then you can simply follow the following steps to short-list one.

  1. The first question must be how long will you carry the pen? If you stay home or use the pen rarely, rather than looking for high-end pens you must consider a reasonably priced vape pen along with high-quality and full-fledged vaporizer. But if you travel a lot or use it a lot then you must look for high-end pens. Regardless of how advanced a pen is, it cannot match a vaporizer therefore, you must choose a vape after comparing portability and performance while keeping your wants in mind.
  2. Next up is the vaping style, choose a pen which is more suited for your vaping style. With vaping style, I don’t only refer to how you puff on the pen but also where and how you will use the pen but also how and where you will use the vape pen. How regularly you want to use it and how you ground your herbs. Then look at the features you desire from temperature control, fast heat-up, digital display, bigger chamber, which one stands to be the most important?
  3. Although, I have mentioned battery life in the third step it is still one of the key features for any vape pen. The vape pens usually don’t have a very long life, but you are made to pick one depending on your other needs and vaping style. Usually, the longer battery means increasing the size and weight of the pen, therefore, there’s a tradeoff. But, running out of battery on the go can be a real annoyance.
  4. Lastly, to make or break the overall flavor experience, you must keep the material of the vapor path in mind. The best outcomes always have several cons and similarly, the glass vapor would be ideal for flavor, but it makes the unit fragile. The second is ceramic which do offers decent quality. Some vapes have plastic but materials like plastic release toxins over sometime which ruins the experience.


About Gloria Stokes:

Gloria Stokes is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs.


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