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Beginners Guide to E Liquids or E Juices

For anybody who has ever had an addiction to smoking, you’ll know that it’s one of the most difficult things to give up. Luckily nowadays there is a fantastic alternative to going cold turkey or resorting to nicotine patches when trying to quit.

Vaping is now a very popular option for those looking to quit, with e-juices, also called e-liquid, coming in an abundance of flavors, ranging from a basic tobacco e-liquid to a more extravagant coffee flavored refill.

All these liquids can be inhaled through a vaporizer and learning how to start vaping is very straightforward.

Before learning how to vape though, there are a few things that may seem confusing, such as figuring out what strength nicotine you need to accommodate a heavy smoking habit. Making the move from smoking tobacco to vaping can seem strange at first, but there’s no question that the latter is a far healthier alternative.

Why vaping’s better for you

After giving up a long-term smoking habit, vaping allows you to make the seamless transition to becoming healthier, and for many ex-smokers, vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking.

There are many benefits for why cigarette smokers are turning to vaping, here are some of the reasons why:

Less Chemicals

One of the main reasons why smokers choose vaping is that they can still satisfy their nicotine addiction without polluting their lungs with the chemicals that cigarettes contain.

Perhaps the biggest positive about e-liquids are that they do not contain dreaded cancer-causing chemicals such as ammonia and tar which cigarettes have within them.

It’s important to remember that e-liquids aren’t free of chemicals, however, the ones that are included in them are still considerably healthier than a staggering 4,000 chemicals that tobacco cigarettes contain.

No Passive Smoking

Tobacco cigarettes don’t only have a negative impact on your body, but the people around you too.

Studies have shown that many people who have never smoked a cigarette have suffered serious health effects from being around friends and family members who have the habit, with children and elderly people being the groups that are most in danger of suffering from passive smoking.

As e-liquids don’t release the harmful chemicals that cigarettes do, then there is no harm of you affecting those around you by vaping.

How to Startv2 vape flavors

As a beginner to vaping, there are many things you need to get to grasp with.

The ideal way to start is by buying your very own vaping starter kit. These handy packs come with a number of the best E-Liquid Flavours around, a battery charger pack and a durable e-cig model.

The range of e-liquid flavors is off the scale, so to discover which tastes are more favorable for you it would be a good thing to buy a selection of flavors in small quantities and different flavors so you can quickly figure out what’s a good fit for you.

Choosing what strength you need

Once you’ve purchased a starter kit that’s to your liking, the next thing you need to do is learn about the different nicotine strengths. How you can help your transition from smoking to vaping is by finding out which strength which will satisfy your smoking habit.

Say you’re a smoker with a 20 cigarette-a-day habit, then buying a low strength liquid is not going to help you. Instead, you may want to look at a 24mg strength liquid which contains the highest level of nicotine.

If you smoke only a few cigarettes a day, then you should probably look to start vaping liquids with a strength of 12mg, but if you’re interested in vaping but have never smoked in the past, then there are also e-liquids with no nicotine in them whatsoever for you to enjoy.

As you continue to vape, over time you can ease your addiction to nicotine by gradually beginning to use refills of a lower nicotine strength.

Getting the hang of vaping is very simple and can be very enjoyable when you’re getting to learn all the flavors. Even though they may not be the entire answer to giving up nicotine, it’s a considerably healthier alternative. If you have any more questions about vaping, head into your local vape store and talk to them about all the different options available to vapers.

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