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American Heart Association Recommends E-Cig Usage

Hallelujah! Finally, some good news for the vape users out there in the world. On Monday August 27th, 2014, the American Heart Association issued their official policy on electronic cigarettes. This is one of the first times a major health organization has backed the usage of electronic cigarettes as a means to quit smoking and as a smoking cessation tool. Normally health organizations such as the FDA and most recently WHO have disregarded current research and bluntly called for regulation and bans even with existing research.

Although the American Heart Association is stating e-cigs should be used only as a last resort in their official policy, they do not disregard ecigs and are including them as a smoking cessation tool. Before we get too excited, the American Heart Association still agrees with most health organizations in terms of regulation as well as the concern for minors.  They still want e-cigs to be categorized as a tobacco product and to be regulated as such; limiting the amount of advertisement done, especially towards minors. Although the American Heart Association believes the evidence is meager towards the benefits of vaping, they do agree that they perform the same if not better than current nicotine patches available on the market right now. The American Heart Association even states ecigs are indeed far less harmful than regular cigarettes; however, they do warn users that this has not been tested as an official smoking cessation tool. The great thing is although they agree more research and studies should be conducted, e-cigs should not be ignored or even feared just because they look like a cigarette and produce vapor similar to how a cigarette produces smoke.

This is a huge step for the vaping community! Finally, an official organization supports the use of ecigs. While the American Heart Association states it should be used as a last resort only and to use other tools such as the patch and nicotine gum first before attempting to use electronic Cigarettes, I feel a lot of people (including myself) have gone through the other cessation tools in the past with no luck. Most vapers that started with e-cigs have tried the recommended cessation tools with no luck. Often falling off the wagon and picking up a pack of cigarettes in stressful times. Some even use the deadly drug Chantix, which have been known to cause suicidal tendencies, but to use e-cigs and be backed by the American Heart Association is music to my ears. Although a huge step forward, we still have a long way to go it seems. Some local and state governments are fighting tooth and nail to regulate ecigs and some even to ban the use of them all together. But I have to say it is nice to have someone on our side for once and to site an organization rather than individual doctors when arguing the benefits of vaping vs smoking.

The official statement can be found here:

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