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8 Tips to Avoid E-Cigarette Explosions

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Reports on the news continue to surface of e-cigarettes exploding, bringing to mind legitimate concerns regarding the safety of e-cigarettes. Though thousands, in fact, millions, of vapers continue to use e-cigarettes safely, it may be a good idea to adopt a few safety practices to avoid the highly unlikely event of an e-cigarette explosion. Especially newcomers to the vaping world should educate themselves on the best ways to avoid any sort of mechanical malfunction, especially those that could result in an explosion.

First things first, we need to make it clear that the incidence of e-cigarette fires, while regularly reported, is an incredibly rare event. Statistically speaking, the amount of exploding e-cigarettes are only but a blip on the radar. However, respecting your device and following a few simple procedures is not only good for safety but is good for your device itself.

1. Buy Made in Americaauthentic vapes instead of clones

If you want a safe device, the first step is to buy a product that is made in America. The devices and e-liquids made in the United States have to adhere to certain production standards to ensure their safety. With nearly 90% of e-cigarette products coming from China where manufacturing standards are nearly non-existent, it is hard to verify the safety of these imported devices. While there are many reputable overseas operations,

While there are many reputable overseas operations, buying American ensures you have a product that has been manufactured to the highest possible standard giving you higher quality, safer devices.

2. Know Your Brand

Most of the vape mods that were involved in these explosions are from little-known brands, mainly manufactured in China. There are also many knock-offs on the market that, like some lesser-known brands, are manufactured with little checks and balances in place in these substandard manufacturing conditions.

Going for a trusted brand is worth the extra cost; an e-cigarette device is truly an investment. Research your brand and read reviews to make the best decisions on a reputable brand.

Remember, buying USA from a reputable brand, like the devices on this website, is the number one most important thing you can do to prevent any sort of e-cigarette fire or malfunction.

3. Read the Instructions

This seems simple, but in the excitement to get going you would be surprised how many people just toss away the instructions that come with their device. A few minutes of reading can help you prevent potentially dangerous situations, as well as help you maintain your device for its best use and longevity.

4. Don’t Hold Let Your Atomizer Overheat

First, some vaping newcomers are notorious for holding their buttons down too long. You really shouldn’t need to hold the button down for any longer than just a few seconds. In fact with average use you should never have to hold the button down longer than 5 seconds. Chain vaping can also lead to your atomizer overheating and damage your vape tank altogether.

It is easy to tell when the atomizer is in danger of overheating. While it’s not unusual for your advice to become somewhat warm, especially if you are practicing heavy use, but you will notice a much higher temperature as it reaches the danger of overheating.

When this happens you can of course, change the cartomizer and give the one you are using a break. You can also just set the devices down for a while and let it cool off. Make sure you keep the device away from flammable objects that could catch on fire if exposed to an overheated atomizer.

In reality letting the atomizer overheat will likely not cause a fire, but an overheated device can trigger a fire in the right conditions, as well as rob your e-cig of valuable life by burning it out before it is time.

5. Keep Away from Water

The e-cigarette is an electronic device, not a cigarette, and as such, it can easily be damaged by water– causing a malfunction or even the sparks that could ignite a fire. Keep your device clear of wet and watery situations if you want it to remain safe and have a long life.

You should also think about cleaning your device between charging sessions. A simple swipe with a Q-Tip to wipe any condensation from the battery and the atomizer before you charge it could keep the device from malfunctioning and extend the life of the battery and the atomizer.

6. Use the Correct Charger

Only the charger that came with your e-cigarette is 100% compatible and should be the ONLY one you use. The majority of exploding e-cigarette cases come from using the wrong charger with the wrong voltage for your e-cigarette. Don’t play guessing games with this one, to be safe just stick with the original for charging your vape

7. Clear the Clutter Around Your Charging Area

The battery can get warmer as it charges and if there is a malfunction that leads to an explosion keeping your device away from paper clutter and flammable areas is a key safety precaution to prevent the spread of a fire in the event of its occurrence.

8. Do Not Leave Charging For Extended Periods of Time

So many people leave things charging overnight, or for a longer period of time than necessary. Ensuring that you do not overcharge your device could be key in preventing possible explosions. You should not leave your device unattended while charging for too long, but instead be able to remove the device when it receives a full charge. Overcharging can leave to overheating and be the cause of a potential device malfunction.

The truth is, e-cigarette fires are rare, but so are regular fires and we still have fire drills, so there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. While the media does make far too big a deal out of the occurrences of e-cig explosions, the practices that will help keep you safe will also often help increase the longevity of your device in general. Most people begin vaping to have a safer lifestyle, so taking a few extra precautions to ensure that safety is something all vapers can easily do.

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Amber is a contributor to vapercity and has researched and written about the vaping industry for more than 5 years. Her in depth investigations into the inner working of the industry are both professional and unbiased. As a non-smoker or vaper, she provides a unique viewpoint on vaping and harm-reduction products such as e-cigs.

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  1. It’s funny that by following the proper care instructions for any rechargeable battery, I’ve never had one explode on me. Then again I don’t exceed the safeties on my mod, nor do I carry spare batteries in my pockets with other metallic objects. Also, I never buy made in China batteries!


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