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4 Most Expensive Vape Mods To Date

The vape trend is spreading like a fire in the woods. Every day there are thousands of new vape fans joining the vape world. Like any other industry, vape also has high-end products for everyone who wishes to reflect their social status with these extravagant vape mod.

Though, these vapes are tiny in size they can cost a fortune. However, it is always fascinating to learn about the most expensive products existing in your attentive field. Every vape lover is keen to know what it feels like while vaping with the high-end vape mod? Vaping is an unbiased world. Here, everyone is treated equally still if you own a vape that is unique you immediately become famous. The cost of vape barely makes any difference in the Vaping experience. However, it feels better to own an expensive vape which definitely modifies your Vaping experience.

Here, you will be glancing at the four most expensive vape in the world.

Otto Carter vape Mod – ($1000 – $3,000)

4 most expensive vapes - Otto Carter

Carter vape is more of an artwork than merely a vape mod. Carter is a carver of firearms who designs each of these classic vapes. He carves all of his orders in unique designs using only chisel and his hand. You will not be able to find any similar carter vape as these are hand-carved. Carter is an expert in carving metals. He has worked on virtually every precious metal in his career. Each of this vape is carved with sheer passion and expertise, therefore, you must not suspect its quality or cost. You cannot order this from any online vape store because these are exclusively made on orders. Each of his creative vape mod can be purchased from $1000 to $3000. It takes a good amount of time and money to own Otto carter vape mod but is totally worth it!

Top Hat Mods vape Mod – $10,000

4 most expensive mods - Top Hat

This vape mod is the most mystifying addition to the list. The company that created this vape usually don’t price tag that high but for some reason, this vape is different than the others. Top Hat Mod comes in a different color with a unique wooden cast. The casing is made using the strong titanium metal. You are lucky if you find any of this vape mod. As these are not on sale anymore which makes it rare and you very well know that rare is expensive. Initially, it was unbelievable to find this vape at such a huge price but, now with its limited in numbers therefore, it's pretty obvious.

Magic Valley Vapors SX350J Dual Mod 18650 – ($109,000)

4 most expensive vapes - SX350J Dual 18650

Technology is not leaving a single corner of the world. Even vapes are made using the 3D printer. You might be thinking if this is result what a 3D printer can do then lets focus 3D printer. Though the initial plan was to design affordable vape, it got diverted and resulted in one of the most expensive vapes designed ever. A New York company was involved in the producing of this extravagant vape model. This brilliant piece of technology utilizes 22mm Fat Daddy vapes 510 connector along with Varitube 22mm 510. It is supported by its ultra-high-tech dual batteries that can be charged using a USB port.

Sofia from Shisha Sticks ($887,000)

4 expensive vape mod - Sofia

Don’t drop your eyeballs, this is a real diamond vape mode. It is hard to believe that if anyone can ever spend such a huge amount on a vape but, history has seen this miracle happen. The proud designer of this exclusive vape is the UK based Shisha Sticks. A Russian billionaire commissioned this special vape to gift his girlfriend on her birthday. What a great love!

Sofia stick alone carries 246 real diamonds, 46 yellow Swarovski crystals, and 24-carat gold. Now, you can imagine how lucky his girlfriend would have felt. It is reported that the tip oval diamond on the stick worth more than $60,000. This is the most expensive vape, the world has ever seen. By now you must have understood that this is not for sale but made on special order only.

Final words:

The vape world is full of fun and surprises. The above list is the glimpse of the amazing vape to astound you. Though vape is not accepted in all part of the globe, its fans are not getting any lesser.  You can still buy unique vape designs at an affordable price. There are plenty of vape vendors and retailers selling amazing high quality vape suiting every budget range. In addition, you can always use vape coupons to track down the deal within your budget. For exclusive deals on vape mods or E-liquid, visit and save a huge sum of money.


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