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Best Vape Mods For 2019

What Is The Best Vape Mod For 2019?

This year has more great vapes than any other year so far. With the vaping industry in full swing, there are thousands of vapes on the market, and they all declare to be the best device on the planet. We all know that is not true, so we wanted to help our fellow vapers sort through all the racket and give our input on the highest rated mods of 2019.

No matter if you are a seasoned vaper or a simplistic vaper, there are a plethora of great products to choose that anyone will enjoy. Our picks for this year are based on performance, price, popularity, and satisfaction. If you want the best device at the lowest prices, you are in the right place to get a sweet deal on some top rated gear.

The Winners For Each Category So Far This Year Go To…

How To Find a Mod That You Enjoy Using

Buy Vaporesso Switcher Le W Vape Starter KitBuying the first cool vape you see is not the best decision if you expect to enjoy vaping. Of course, there are different types of devices for different types of users and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when looking at all the choices. For example, not everyone is going to enjoy a high-powered box mod. Likewise, a pod mods may not be the best mod for a heavy user.

Besides looks and size, there are also other features to consider, that once identified, can make your vaping experience much more enjoyable, but only if you know what to look for.

Pick a Device Based On Satisfaction, Not Looks

First of all, don’t buy based on looks alone! To enjoy your device to the fullest, it needs to be able to fulfill your craving more than it needs to look good for your friends. Just because it comes in your favorite color doesn’t also mean it is also going to keep you from smoking!

Most importantly, look for a high-quality device that you also enjoy using, instead of a device you just enjoy looking at. Often, you can find a satisfying mod that has a stylish look, but make sure looks are not the only thing that you are basing your buying decision on.

Stick With Popular Models

There are literally thousands of vape models for sale currently. Certainly, you can’t buy them all, so let the industry work for you and let other vapers buy the new models and test them out with their own money. Some of these early adopters will review these vapes, and the best devices will eventually get noticed by the masses and become popular. Focus on these devices that have already been vetted and tested, and as a result, you will be a happier vaper knowing your mod is reliable.

Selecting the most popular vape models not only increases your satisfaction, but also prevents you from becoming a beta tester for random Chinese manufactures, and consequently will save you time and money in the long run. Many of these devices are mass produced, and the R&D is not always the most thorough, so do your research.

Check Reviews and User Ratings


Reading reviews and product ratings is a great way to maximize your investment and get the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to buying your next mod. In fact, almost every online vape store has customer reviews that can help you understand the pros and cons of each device. So make sure you read these reviews and opinions of other vapers before you spend money on a new set-up.

The Best Build Quality

In order to make sure your new device is as tough as your life, you’ll need to consider what kinds of materials your mod is made of. The best way to guarantee this is to buy a vape that has a durable body, like stainless steel or carbon fiber. Because these materials are stronger, they will last longer and survive more drops. Plastic bodies are good for small devices, however, the more weight the device has, the better the materials need to be.

The Best Choice For Your Lifestyle

We covered how not to buy a mod based solely on looks and also how buying popular models and looking at the user ratings can help. Now we will look at the differences between the several vape mod styles, as there are many different shapes and sizes of mods, and these can be broken down into separate sub-categories.

Typically, vape “mods” are considered to be anything outside the realm of the cig-a-like devices,  or vape pens. This label includes styles like box mods, tube mods, pod mods, and mini mods. There are also herbal vaporizers that can be used with dry herbs, waxes, or oils such as cbd vape oil. Because each style has its own set of features and benefits that fit different needs for different types of vapers, understanding these differences is the best way to narrow down the perfect device for your individual needs.

Pod Mods

Smok Nord Pod System Kit Mah

Pod Mods are the most popular style of vapes since 2018, and they are ideal for portability and ease of use. These little devices are compact and come in some very attractive body styles. All pod systems use ejuice pods instead of the larger tanks that most vapes use.

There are two types of pods, open pod, and closed pods. Open pods are designed to be refillable, while closed pods are not. If you have a closed pod device, you will need to buy replacement pods when your juice runs out. Closed pods can be much more expensive in the long haul, so make sure you know what type of system you want before purchasing.

They don’t have the power that the other vape styles are famous for, but most pod systems can use nicotine salt vape juice that has more nicotine content compared to regular e-juice. Buy using nic salts, pod mods deliver similar amounts of nicotine as their big brothers, but without clouds of vapor.

Using internal batteries, they are easy to charge and maintain, and their size makes them the most sought after style of vapes another year in a row.

  • Ultra-portable
  • Hassle-free use
  • Nic Salt use
  • Low vapor production
  • Stealthy

  • Small juice capacity
  • Small battery
  • Low power output
  • Replacement pod prices

Mini Mods

Vaporesso Tarot Mini W Kit

Mini Mods are small vapes that have some or all of the features of their bigger counterparts, box mods, but with less battery life. These small mods are perfect for any vaper who wants a compact device that also has plenty of power.

Typically running between 40 watts and 100 watts, this style of uses regular e-juice normally and can be fitted with almost any tank. These styles are useful when size is an issue and power is a requirement. They also fit better in a pocket than the more bulky models do.

This size reduction is usually due to using internal batteries that cannot be removed. So make sure to consider buying two of these devices, so you can always have one charged to avoid a dead battery scenario.


  • Perfect balance between size and vapor production
  • Simple user interface
  • Powerful internal batteries


  • Battery life is shorter than a box mod
  • Sometimes top-heavy with a full tank
  • Usually has no-removable batteries

Box Mods

Voopoo Vmate Box Mod

Box Mods, of course, are the most powerful and customizable vapes available. This vape style is very common with heavy users and also advanced users who want the most vapor production and options. Most of these advanced mods have handly features such as temperature control and automatic shutoff features to make them safer.

These styles usually have one fire button, as well as two adjustment buttons to chage the settings. They can also be attached to a sub ohm tank or an RDA, and usually, have two removable 18650 batteries that make it easy to use all day without worrying about a dead battery.

Beginners and experienced vapers alike love the fact that box mods can be used as a basic device or as a high-performance machine. Either way, box mods are perfect for anyone craving power, options, or longer battery life.


  • Most powerful vape style
  • Customizable options and features
  • Removable Batteries


  • Big and heavy
  • Not very stealthy
  • Bigger learning curve

Tube Mods

Rebel Black Silver

Tube Mods are popular among users who want a powerful mod without the square corners. While not as common as they were a few years ago, they still have a large following of faithful users. They love the shape and size that tube mods are known for. Because of their shape, tube mods usually hold two removable batteries or a large internal battery.

Like some of the other devices, these can be fitted with almost any vape tank of your fancy. Just be careful not to use a tank that is bigger than the tubular body, so it doesn’t stick out. These fit nicely in a pocket or purse but can be a bit long when compared to other styles.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Simple user interface


  • Long shape
  • The round body can roll on flat surfaces
  • Not for stealth use

Other Tips & Trick To Buying A Top Rated Vape Mod

Don’t Go Over Budget

Above all, buy the best device you can afford. There are good-quality mods for every budget; you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a vape to enjoy it. Many of the best vapes can be bought for under $40 for a complete vape kit, so don’t go crazy unless you want something in particular.

Authentic Smok Alien Baby Al Gold W Tc Vw Mod Tfv Baby Tank KitConsider Replacement Costs

All vaping devices have replaceable parts of one kind or another. Pods, tanks, coils, and batteries are all consumable and therefore need to be replaced. Compare the cost of these parts, so you’ll know how much it will cost to maintain your mod. Some devices have less expensive replacement parts, while others hike up the prices knowing you need these parts.

Don’t get stuck in a situation where you are spending more than you expected to on these parts.

Buy a Starter Kit

Many of the most popular devices can also be purchased as a starter kit that includes everything you need to start vaping right out of the box, minus the e-juice of course. These kits of course, usually come with the main vaping device, a tank, and some coils. If the kit you are interested in uses removable batteries, check to see if these are included as some of the kits don’t come with batteries.

On the other hand, if you already have high mah batteries and a tank, look for the option to buy the device-only. Also, make sure you compare prices to see how much more a vape starter kit costs, as you can often find the complete mod kit for near the same price as the device-only option.

Look for Coupons and Deals

Many of the online vendors have special offers, discounts, and coupons that can add up to some serious savings. So look for these deals so you can save even more money on the best gear.

We have a page dedicated just to these special offers where you can search for coupon codes.


The recommended vapes listed above are excellent choices for almost every type of vaper. We hand-picked them out of hundreds of great mods to represent the best of the best in each category, so you know you are buying a top rated mod when you pick one of these devices.

If these devices are not for you, there are many more mods to choose from here. In the end, you should be able to find a high-quality mod for a good price that fits your personal needs.

3.8/5 (9 Reviews)
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