Searching For The Best Vape Mod?

vape mod separated into body and tank

You have come to the determination that vaping is the correct choice for you, after working yourself through smaller vape pens or various different starter kits you have tried. But now you are seeking an upgrade, perhaps something a bit more durable and powerful than what you currently have.

Say hello to Vape Mods! The tough part is trying to sort out the bad ones from the best ones, without wasting your money!

Now the next step in finding the best vape mod for you is reading reviews. When you go online and see all sorts of videos or images of people blowing large clouds and describing certain robust vape juice flavor odds are they are using vape mods, or for short, Mods. In most cases, compared with the more popular and newer box mod styles, these devices are a little older. At one time sitting at the top of the vaping food chain were these vape mods, “tube mods,” and even before that, “personal vaporizers,” but as of late they have taken a back seat due to the great popularity of box mods.

Designed more for the intermediate and advanced vaper, the vape mod is perfect for those wanting more from their vaping experience. And for those still questioning whether for their regular cigarettes if vaping might be a viable replacement, without any doubt, mods will help them to reach the decision to completely switch to vaping!

Sizes and Shapes

Apollo vtube vape mod starter kitIt is in a typical cylinder shape that a vape mod comes in, and depending on the size you are putting to use will range anywhere between 6″ up to 12″. When you are purchasing your first vape mod, it is strongly recommended that, in order to get all that you need, you get it in a “kit” format. These kits include the device, 1-2 removable batteries, a battery charger to charge the removable batteries, and an e-liquid tank. The only thing you would need to start vaping would be a bottle of some yummy e-juice.

In comparison with basic e-cig starter kits and Vape Pens, Vape Mods are more durable, have a longer battery life and are more powerful.

Battery Life

The adjustment of power is to prevent shorts and over discharges from happening with various safety measures. And to display battery life, voltage/wattage being outputted, atomizer resistance, and even some customizable wallpapers and puff counters, most offer an LCD/LED screen to display this info.

The majority of mod vaporizers will use a rechargeable battery, most likely a 18650mah. Searching for a battery with a high amp limit will not be necessary since the lower power mods have an amp limit that will be low enough.

Suggested instead is something with a larger battery(higher mah rating). A single charge could last for two or three days depending on your level of daily usage. 

When the battery does needs charging, your mod’s LCD screen will let you know; in fact, as a safety precaution, if your battery gets too low it will not fire. And besides longer battery life and greater power, the mod style will typically be more durable in nature than a smaller vaporizer.

Very often vape mods have an aluminum or stainless steel metallic housing. It may seem to be larger and heavier than these styles because of the metallic casing, but it also means that without any issues it will withstand wear and tear, and unforeseen drops. The device’s screen, on the other hand, is susceptible to cracks and scratches.

There have been times in the past that my vape pen battery I have forgotten to charge, or in those cases when I have two pens, I forgot which one lacked a charge and which one was full. Now, I will never be left with a dead vape because my vape mod with it’s built-in screen always informs me how much charge that I have left. Still another great feature is the ability to set voltage or a wattage. And depending on what atomizer I might have with me, at different levels of power some perform better than others. Depending on the one I might be using that day, I can adjust accordingly, and with just a touch of a button adjust accurately to the setting that hits my sweet spot.

Still another great feature is the ability to set voltage or a wattage. And depending on what atomizer I might have with me, at different levels of power some perform better than others. 

Sizes and Designs

Lavatube mod starter kit

For those still uncomfortable in a box type device usage, the good news is that technology has answered the call with newer devices having the SX350 chips or the DNA chip built in a tube-like device form.  Many people have opted for rebuildable atomizers and have abandoned clearomizers, now that they can reach such high levels of power. As nice as cartomizers and clearomizers may be, they do not have stock coils that can reach the fullest potential these high powered devices can.

Very often, when the user adjusts to a higher setting when using a clearomizer, the burning of the atomizers coil comes from the power setting is too high. Thus choosing the right tank ( if the mod is sold separately) is arguably the most important factor to avoiding throwing money down the drain.

When it comes to vaping, your outlook will be completely changed by vape mods. Check out some of the best vape mods below and read the reviews. They are easier to use and require less maintenance than ever before.

Vape Mod Reviews

Vape Mods

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Vape Mods

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Overview Halo has been content to focus on its excellent e-juice line up and their awesome Triton vape pen since 2013, but they are finally entering the mod market with both a vape mod and a box mod. Hallelujah! The vape mod is called the Tracer, and it demonstrates the same quality users have come...

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Apollo has quickly become a very popular vaporizer vendor. One example is their highly recommended vape mod – The Vtube 4.0 and this tube-style vape mod is extremely well built. It may be a bit more in price than some of the other mods, but...

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Vape Mods 101

There is a non-traditional option when it comes to e-cigarettes. They are called Advanced Personal Vapes. They can also be referred to as a vape mod. Odds are if you are here you have probably seen one, if not from a friend,m someone in public. They look like boxes with a small tube coming out of them.

These advanced personal vapes are a fast growing trend among digital smokers because they are so customizable. Thankfully, now some of the best vape mods are still very affordable and come in a vast amount of different shapes and sizes.

In the long term, the best vape mods are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. They are a much more advanced vape mod, technologically speaking. They give users many advantages over the original version of the e-cigarette. They are certainly a much healthier and aesthetically pleasing way to smoke than traditional cigarettes.

Vape Mods offer distinct advantages over typical e-cigarettes. The best vape mods have huge batteries with an extremely long life. You will notice that the people who are most serious about vaping are using advanced vape mods to enhance their experience.

The market for vape mods is still fairly new, especially in comparison to its tobacco counterparts. This means there are new technologies associated with devices being released consistently. Because of this, many customers have an issue choosing the vape mod that best suits their lifestyle as sometimes it is possible to have too many options. We thought an easy to follow "101" would be helpful on your quest!

If you are new to vape mods, there is a good place to start. The most basic thing that every vaper should know is the difference between a regulated and a mechanical mod. All vape mods are one of these two things. The best vape mods for new users are regulated - meaning that the device has built-in safety features and doesn't require too much technical knowledge.

The older style mods for a hobbyist with some electrical knowledge is a mechanical vape mod. The mech mod is quickly becoming a thing of the past as the vaping technical evolution has given the hardcore enthusiast the best of both worlds - safety with "tweaking" possibilities.

mech mod breakdown

A Mech Mod breakdown (minus the battery)

Mechanical - A mechanical vape mod does not regulate the current at all. They are a less complex version of the product. Some users prefer this form of vape mod because, if there is a problem, they can fix it themselves with just a little bit of electrical knowledge. They can also further modify their vape themselves in the future as their tastes change. If you like to tinker with circuits and wiring, a mechanical vape mod could be a fun and entertaining choice for you. If you want to be considered amongst the ultimate vaping hobbyists, mechanical vape mods are the best vape mods for you.

The downside to a mechanical vape mod is that there is no over current buffer. It is important to be very diligent when choosing a battery for your mechanical vape. A mechanical vape is only a good idea if you have at least some knowledge of electricity and currents. If not, you could cause serious damage. One thing you should absolutely sure of is that your vape mod has vent holes on the side. If not, it could easily overheat and cause your problems.

box mod breakdown

A regulated mod - Box Mod style

Regulated - Regulated vape mods present a simpler solution to the digital smoking enthusiast. They have a different set of circuitry altogether. They read your atomizer to understand exactly what its limits are when it comes to amplitude. They will simply shut off the vape mod completely if the amplitude is not correct. This prevents damage until you get the correct battery. The circuitry on these boxes is much more complex and impressive. Because of this, they can only be services by certified professional technicians.

If you are serious about becoming a vaping hobbyist, there are a few things that you will need to know when it comes to electricity. There are four basic components that make a vape mod work. They are as follows:

Atomizer Resistance - This principle of electricity is also referred to as ohms. This is the aspect that is read on a regulated vape mod. The best vape mods use these detectors to shut off the unit if the amperage from the battery exceeds the limit of the device.

Voltage - When it comes to regulated devices, the best vape mods give users the opportunity to change their voltage whenever they see fit. They do the same for another principle of a functioning vape mode, the amperage. This is an essential function because it gives users the opportunity to design their device to function properly with the juice of their choice. Different e-liquids burn at different temperatures. It is advantageous to have to opportunity to adjust to this. This is something that you can do on a mechanical vape mod. The process is more complicated, though. You will need to calculate the voltage and amperage yourself and adjust your box to that number. Many new hobbyists choose mechanical mods. This gives them a chance to educate themselves on the basics of the electrical components associated with the hobby.

The regulated vape mods are the only units that have circuitry inside of them. This is why they can give electric readouts of what is going on inside the box. When you fire up a mechanical vape mod, you are literally just completing a circuit. Mechanical units are much simpler as easier to modify after they are purchased.

If you ever hear the phrase "box MOD" that person is referring to a regulated vape mod. The more popular and preferred vape mods are regulated. They are the safest for the customer and easiest to use. Some hobbyists prefer a mechanical one because of the options. The best vape mods give users the ability to adjust voltage, amperage, and other great features designed to make them as safe as possible. They even have puff counters. If you see someone with a vape mod, they are likely using a regulated mod as they are much more popular in the industry for all the reasons stated above. Be sure to consider your personal wants and needs before deciding which version of the vape mod you want.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Vape Mods

1. mechanical or electronic - This is the first and most important thing to consider. This is because it completely shapes the user's vaping experience in the future. One thing to consider is whether you are used to dripping or not. Mechanical, even the best vape mods, all have a dripping atomizer, also referred to as an RDA by most users. If you aren't comfortable with this, you should definitely choose a regulated vape mod.

2. Shape - The best vape mods come in all shapes and sizes. You can find a regulated or mechanical vape mod in whatever shape you want. Even the most unique designs come in both. Consider the size of your hand and your needs when it comes to transporting it. You don't want to purchase one that is too cumbersome for your lifestyle.

3. Size - When choosing from the best vape mods. It is also important to consider the size of the device. Of course, this plays into the shape decision. Larger vape mods can hold bigger batteries than their minuscule counterparts. A larger battery will provide you with a longer life when you are using it. People who spent a lot of time away from the house without the ability to charge their unit usually choose the best vape mods that are larger for this reason. It is true that bigger vape mods give the user a better experience. You should strive to get the biggest one that you can get that is still comfortable to transport.