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Best Menthol E-Juice Flavors For 2019

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For the menthol lovers out there there is a huge selection of e-juices available that have the cool refreshing flavor you crave. But these flavors are not like the tobacco menthol you might be used to. Some of the menthol e-juices have a tobacco flavor as the base, just like a analog cigarette. Others flavors allow you to enjoy this minty flavor alongside other great flavors such as banana, strawberry, or chocolate and caramel.

No matter what menthol flavor you pick, expect the refreshing and cool taste of menthol in the aftertaste!

#1 Winter Wonder Wafer Vape Juice

One of our favorite after dinner menthol flavors is the Winter Wonder Wafer flavor from Vaporfi. Mixing a smooth peppermint menthol with a touch of creamy dark chocolate, this flavor is best savored and enjoyed while relaxing. If you like peppermint patties, you are sure to love this flavor!

Winter Wonder Wafer Vape Juice


  • FDA Registered Mixing Labs
  • Top-Rated Nicotine and Glycerin
  • Kosher Grade Base
  • Price Starts at $15.99 for 30ml Bottle

#2 Winter' Harvest

Think of this as a aged Scotch, because this top-shelf e-juice is aged, for 4 months and brewed for 8 weeks! Winter's Harvest blends a bold tobacco with a crisp menthol using only naturally extracted tobacco. Pricey, but not outrageous.

Winters Harvest menthol flavored e-liquid


  • Naturally Extracted Tobacco
  • Brewed for 8 Weeks
  • Aged for 4 Months
  • $25.99 for 30ml Bottles

#3 Polar Ape

This Banana-Caramel-Menthol flavor from Crystal Canyon Vapes is a all day flavor! Rich, sweet, and the perfect taste of menthol is the best way to describe this vape juice. E-juice bottle sizes from 5ml to 120ml. Vrystal Canyon Vapes delivers great vape juice for an honest price. No nicotine options up to 24mg, plus VG/PG options.

Polar Ape menthol vape juice


  • 100% American Made
  • Glass Bottles With Dropper
  • USP PG and Kosher VG Bases
  • Prices Start at $3.99 for 5ml Bottle

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