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What If We Ban All E-Juice Flavors?

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Banning E Juice Flavours Could Increase the Number of Smokers:


It has recently been proposed within Canada to put large scale restrictions of electronic cigarettes and vaping. Bill 174 proposes to limit a number of electronic cigarette products, primarily including any flavoured e juice in the province of Ontario. Considering the amount of people that vaping has helped to quit smoking, the healthier alternative has made a positive change within the population as a whole.

Many individuals who vape use flavoured e juice, ranging from tobacco and dessert flavours to fruit and candy flavours. With this new bill, there will be restrictions on the flavours that can be produced, the packing and most importantly, testing flavours within vape shops. Additional to e juice, purchasing any electronic cigarette products will be increasingly difficult. You will not be able to view the products in the store, and you will have to know exactly what you want before entering the store.

e-juice and vaping gear on top of tobacco cigarette


Yale School of Public Health and the Centre for Health Policy at the Imperial College London suggests a 10% decline in vaping if flavours were to be banned in ecigarettes”. Since the ban will target any sweeter flavours that may be appealing to children or young people, this creates restrictions for many Vapers who prefer these flavours. Although smokers who have smoked for longer periods of times (20+ years), tend to prefer tobacco flavoured e juice, individuals using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking seem to prefer fruit/sweet flavoured e juice. Electronic cigarettes have been shown to be an effective harm reduction method for reducing smokers. Smoking kills half a million individuals a year, and is the number one preventable death in the US. With the government grouping flavoured tobacco with electronic cigarette flavours, the tables are unfairly stacked against smokers trying to quit.

This will affect your local Toronto vape shops as well. These business’ have a special relationship with their customers, as they understand the struggle that quitting tobacco can cause. Considering the extensive restrictions that the government is trying to put on electronic cigarette products, helping the customers to quit will be much harder. Toronto vape shops take their time to find out the best set-up for the smoker to quit successfully both now, and in the long term. With restrictions on e juice, and being able to display products, it will be increasingly more difficult to find the best products to help smokers quit.


In the long term, the banning of cigarettes will most definitely result in an increase in smokers. The increase in smokers has a plethora of effects on the general health of the population, and the environment. Cigarettes are already one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, having 10% more toxins emitted than diesel exhaust. As well, the deforestation issue on a global scale has many factors, but cigarette production is also a large contributor to this environmental concern. Of the trees cut down every day, 540 million of the trees cut down are for cigarette production, which is about 1.5 million trees A DAY. Littering is also a major issue that smoking causes. Cigarette butts are the number one littered item, and of the cigarettes consumed each year, 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered a year. Combustible cigarettes are very damaging to the environment in many ways including, air pollution, littering, landfill waste, wildlife, and deforestation. Studies have confirmed that electronic cigarettes do help smokers to quit. This ban will not only increase the number of smokers who have already quit, but it will hinder the efforts for individuals to make the shift from combustible cigarettes to e- cigarettes. If the government truly considers the health and wellbeing of the population, they would understand that this bill will make a lot of lives harder, and reverse the progress that many ex-smokers have made in quitting.

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Good question. The biggest concern when it comes to laws that ban ecigarettes, is that the Canadian and US government is very biased on this topic. Consider what the three biggest and most powerful corporations are. First is the government, second is the pharmaceutical industry, and finally tobacco companies. When all three of these groups heavily profit off the sale and production of cigarettes, what incentive would they have to promote something that is a healthier option for everyone? Although the government is supposed to have the best interest of the people in mind, that is simply not the case.

In Canada, the government collects $8 billion dollars in tax revenues from cigarettes ANNUALLY. This number is mind-blowing, and sheds a bit of light on why the government wouldn’t want to condone something that takes away from the profits of cigarette tax. As well, the pharmaceutical companies capitalize off the revenue produced from tobacco related illnesses, as in the united states alone, 1300 people die from tobacco related illness’ every day. (100 in Canada). This gives the pharmaceutical companies an incredibly expansive market for medication and treatment for these illnesses.

So despite the Canadian and US government disputing almost every finding that has to do with the positive effects of vaping, other countries have implemented different restrictions. For example, in England, their public health department released findings outlining that with their research, they’ve concluded vaping to be a 95% healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. The government has outlined that they believe smoking to help reduce deaths on an enormous scale, and that vaping could potentially end the tobacco industry as a whole.

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Considering the facts that England has completely changed its laws, and released information condoning the use of ecigarettes as a smoking cessation technique, why are the US and Canada implementing bans and heavy restrictions on ecigarettes? It seems clear that the government is more concerned with the financial benefits of tobacco sales, than the wellbeing of the general public, but that is of course, speculation. With the facts, you can make you own conclusions, and decide what the cause of these restrictions are for yourself. Regardless of the government’s lack of promotion of ecigarettes, they have been proven by multiple studies to be a healthier alternative by 95%. So, what exactly is the governments hold-up?

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My name is Eddie and I am a former smoker and current vaper. For over 20 years I smoked cigarettes at a pack 1/2 a day. I have been vaping for almost 3 years and currently vape the lowest nicotine strength of 3mg. I love that my vaporizer has less chemicals and toxins. I have a different life style now and enjoy the changes in my body since I quit using tobacco.

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