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About Vapercity

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About Vaper City

Vaper City was started to help former smokers find the best e-cig or vaping device for their needs. As former smokers ourselves, we recognize  that making the switch from a smoker to a vaper is not simply just buying any vape device and instantly becoming a vaper. There is a learning curve that intimidates many smokers from vaping. As advocates of tobacco harm reduction methods, we here at Vaper City are committed to helping smokers and vapers make the most informed choices available. We do this by informing our visitors with the latest news, research, price comparisons, and reviews in the vaping industry.

Our Mission

Since 2013 when we started our first site,, our mission has been to help smokers and vapers alike find the right device for their needs. We know how frustrating it can be to use a vaping device that doesn’t perform, or is to advanced for your needs. With all the devices available on the market it can be overwhelming to find the right device. We strive to organize and  display our site to make it as easy as possible to find the information you are looking for.

While Vaper City’s primary design is to search the internet for the best vape gear prices, we also offer in depth reviews, blog posts, video and written reviews, coupons, and expert opinions that assist vapers of all types research the devices they are interested in. We hope you will find the information on our site valuable and helpful. Thanks for visiting!

Our Team


Brian Twilegar – Founder, Website Designer

I have been vaping since 2012 after over 20 years of smoking. My family and I live in the country in Idaho and we love to use our land to grow our own veggies and raise organic meat. I spend much of my time helping family and neighbors and I love being part of the community. My passion for vaping lead me to build a website to share info and opinions with others.

Steve Mac Headsot

Steve Mac – Content Manager

My favorite thing about vaping is that I don’t smell or cough anymore. My passion for vaping has changed my life and I love the fact that I am in control of the nicotine strength. My family and I love to listen to and make music. My son is in a local band and we encourage him to pursue his passions as well. Vaping has helped me be more involved with the family and to have more energy to do fun activities together.

Vaper City Office – Address: 1886 E Laurelwood Eagle, Id 83616 Phone:208-352-3244 Email:


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