5 Useful Accessories That Will Come in Handy for Vapers

vaping accessories

Accessories for any kind of equipment are designed to make things easier for the product owner, and vaping accessories are no different. For a new vaper, the basic essentials that you’re going to need include the e-juice (you may want various flavors), the charger for your battery and of course the e-cig itself.

But, vapers aren’t solely limited to these items and there are many additional things that can be purchased to enhance your experience.

Here are five such accessories that can come in handy for vapers:

1. E-Juice Containers
For someone who vapes only at home, you probably aren’t going to need anything to carry the e-juice around in. However, if you frequently vape on the go and don’t want your pen to run out of juice, you’re going to want to carry some spares with you. You may also want to carry a variety of flavors around so that your choice isn’t limited to what’s currently in your pen.

In this case, you’ll need a safe container, preferably one made of stainless steel, to carry the extra juice. It’s better to choose one that comes with a spring needle so that you can refill your eCig with ease. These are better than carrying around tiny bottles of e-juice and will save you worrying about spilling them. These are much more convenient and you will find several makes of them on the market as per your convenience.

2. Chargers/Extra Batteries

Do you ever find yourself needing a fix, but the vape is out of battery? Well, in this situation all you need to do is either recharge it or replace the battery.

  • If you have a chargeable vape pen, you will find a variety of chargers that are either USB based or wall mounted. You can also get an adapter so that you can charge the device in your car, and portable battery packs are available too.
  • If you have a vape pen where the batteries can be changed, then carrying an additional set is simply enough to ensure that you never run out of charge. In case you are carrying additional batteries, it is imminent that you carry them with extra care and hence buy a battery case that will keep them safe and ready to use whenever you need them.

3. Vape Mods

This is definitely something you should try, provided you have been into vaping for some time. While eCigs are the first step away from real cigarettes, vape pens are a step up from eCigs and vape mods are one step further from vape pens. They last longer, provide an enhanced flavor and can offer a better hit on your throat than the normal vape pens. Some even compare them to having vape pens on steroids, for want of a better word.

There are many different types of mods for vapers, such as mechanical mods, box mods and all in one mods. Before committing to just one, you should do some research into what they all offer and select the one that meets your needs.

4. Lanyards or Clips

Carrying your eCig around in your pocket can be quite cumbersome when you have to be constantly on the move, and carrying an organizer is also not a feasible option as it’s not very portable/desirable to carry around. This is why more and more manufacturers are now offering vape pens with clips, which enable you to clip the device onto a pocket. If you’re skeptical about how secure a clip would be, you could opt for a lanyard so you know your device is always close by. These can be bought in different colors and materials, so you should be able to find one that appeals to you.

5. Vaping Organizer

If you’re a beginner, initially you may not have many accessories that you need to carry around with you other than a charger. But, as you progress and buy new gear, you’re going to need a bag that can carry all of your vaping products in one safe place. There are numerous vaping kit bags or organizers available that will allow you to do this. This will keep things from getting lost and will enable you to find what you need with ease. They’re a lifesaver if you’re traveling.

Do you have any other vaping accessories that you can’t live without? Let us know what they are in the comments!

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My name is Cooper and I finally stopped smoking cigarettes a few years back thanks to vaping. It took multiple tries of course, but as bigger and better devices came out the more I found myself smoking less. I want to try to help as many I as can in the fight against tobacco!

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