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VapeBox Review

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Direct Vapor Vendor Review

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How To Use This Site To Find Cheap Vapes, Juice, & Gear

Millions of smokers have converted to vaping over the last 10 years, and there are more and more converts every day. Vapers love the freedom to vape wherever they want and the flavor choices vaping offers. Know what else ex-smokers-turned-vapers love? They love the money left in their bank account from not buying cigarettes! Yes, we all know vaping is cheaper than smoking, but that can quickly turn the other direction if you are not careful.

Let’s face it, vaping is a hobby within a habit, and this hobby has the potential to cost more than smoking ever did if not done with restraint and common sense. Buying vape mods, tanks, replacement coils, and e-juice, one could easily spend hundreds of dollars a month. Granted, once purchased, most of these vaping components will last several months or even years, but there are many hidden costs associated with vaping that can take a toll on your pocketbook. Overly high markups, hidden shipping costs, high priced replacement parts, and overpriced e-juice are just a few of the pitfalls that can cost vapers in the long run. We are going to take a look at how to use Vaper City to get the best vaping gear for the lowest price!

1. Buy Vape Gear Online From Trusted Stores

Brick and mortar vape stores are important, but shopping locally is not in your best interest if you want cheap vape gear. Don’t get me wrong, we need local stores, but online stores are more competitive with pricing, and they also have lower overhead costs compared your local vape shop. By leveraging this fact, you can get the best gear at the lowest prices, without ever leaving your home. Many of the most popular vape stores online offer fast delivery and excellent customer service, making buying online quick, easy, and painless. You might have to wait a few days for your vape mail to arrive, but it will save you time and money if you plan ahead. Just make sure to shop with a reputable company and you will be in good hands.

2. Check Online Prices Before You Buy

It sounds simple, but price checking your vape gear is the quickest and easiest way to save big. The old-school way is to Google the name of the device you wanted and then search through each website to see who had the lowest prices. With hundreds of online vape stores, this took a long time and was frustrating, especially during checkout when you realize the true cost with shipping. Thankfully there are now vape price comparison sites, like Vaper City, that will aggregate multiple prices from the most popular online vape stores. There are several of these price aggregator sites online, and Vaper City is one of the most popular of these sites. Here you can quickly compare online prices, estimated shipping costs, and delivery times, from dozens of vape stores at once. A few minutes spent at Vaper City could easily save you 30%-80% on all of your vaping supplies, depending on the product. To check prices for yourself, go to this page and pick a category to see all the products in that category. Then use the sort feature at the top of the page to narrow down your choices. You can also use the search box labeled “search products” at the top of any page to type in the model name, brand, or keyword for any device or juice you are interested in.

Click on any link below to see the cheapest prices for each category

3. Don’t Buy The Latest and Greatest Vaping Gear

Is it really important that you have the latest mod or tank? There are literally thousands of vaping products available on the market. As the new vape gear comes out, the older gear gets discounted. These older devices are perfectly good and work just as well as the new gear. A mod that came out a 2 years ago, probably has the same tech and features as the new mods, but a lot cheaper. There is some cool new gear out there, but there hasn’t been a huge development in vaping technology in several years, so don’t be afraid to look in the bargain section for a good deal. This older vape gear can be a great way to save 30%-80% from buying the most recent vape models. To find older vape gear, use the sort filters to sort by “newness” on any of the vape category pages and then go to the last page to see some of the older devices. You can usually find these for real cheap.

4. Change Your E-Juice Flavor

Trying new e-juice brands and flavors is fun, plus you can often find insane prices on bottles of vape juices that your favorite vape store just can’t compete with. Most cheap e-juice in brick-and-mortar stores will set you back around $20 for a 60ml bottle. By shopping online, you can find 120ml bottles for under $10! That’s 2 times the juice for half the cost!!! Because e-juice is one of the most expensive parts about vaping, saving some money here is a smart way to save. Again, comparison sites like can help you find the lowest prices and sweet discounts on e-juice, so make sure you price check before you buy.

5. Check The Price of Replacement Coils Before You Buy a Tank

This happens more than you might think, and if you don’t build your own coils, you should watch out for this trap. Just like what the printer/ink industry has already done to us, the vape industry is getting into the market of selling the main product (tank or pod mod) cheap, just to sell you the consumables (coils) at an outrageous price. Don’t fall for these scams! Check the prices of the replacement coils against the cost of the vape tank you are looking at. If you are paying more than $3 per replacement coil, you might want to explore another tank that has cheaper coils. The same goes for replacement pods for pod mods.

6. Save On Shipping

What is the point of buying a cheap bottle of e-juice for $10 when it costs $18 with shipping? At that point, you might as well drive down to your local store and pay full retail. Understanding the shipping costs and how to get free shipping is important if you want to maximize your savings. Many online stores offer free shipping with a minimum order, so look for these incentives and try to hit the free shipping minimums. If there is no free shipping offered, make sure to spread out the shipping cost by buying a large order. Basically, if you have to pay for shipping, make your order worth it. All of the vape products on Vapercity show you multiple offers that include the base price, as well as shipping costs, so make sure to take a look at each product to see the total cost, including shipping.

7. Read Reviews

One of the best ways to save money is not to spend it on the wrong product in the first place. Researching your next device or e-juice is a good way to pay as little as possible on the product you are going to use. Seeing what other vapers have to say about the product you are interested in is time well spent. There are thousands of video reviews, written reviews, and general opinions that will help you understand the pros and cons of each device. So, spend some time looking at sites that have vape reviews, it is worth your time. Once you have found the right device, head back over here and check for the lowest price.

A few of the best vape reviews site out there: Anthony Vapes Reviews, Smoketastic, Steve’s Vaping World, and Guide to Vaping

8. Subscribe To Email Lists

When you visit an online vape store and see the pop-up box asking for your email, put in your email address. These sites will email you when there is a sale or if they have special vape deals. By signing up for many of these site’s email list, you are guaranteed a constant list of discounts and cheap gear delivered right to your inbox. If you are hesitant to provide your email, just know that with anti-spam laws, every one of these emails has to have an “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of every email they send, so relax knowing you can stop the emails at any time.

9. Buy a Starter Kit

Many vapers are looking for an easy vape mod kit that includes all the components they need to vape. These kits usually include the vape device, a tank, one or more atomizers, and some extra parts, all for one low price. Not only is this an easier way to shop, but you can save a ton compared to buying all of these components separately. Even if you already have a tank and love it, starter kits may give you an extra tank and 2 coils for a few bucks more. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a starter kit than it is to buy just the vape mod itself! Many of the devices on this site will have the option to buy as a kit or just the device.

10. Search For Price Matching Policies 

Some online retailers offer price matching policies., for example, will match prices from other authorized resellers online. Simply buy your gear, then email the support staff within 15 days if you see a better price for a refund of the difference. A quick way to see if your favorite online vape store does price matching is to Google the store name + price match. Example: Google “directvapor price match”. If they have a price match policy, you should see it in the first few results.

As you can see, there are many ways to get the lowest prices and save on vape gear and e-juice using this site. Many vapers can save anywhere between 25%-75% from retail when using these tips and tricks. Spending a few minutes on research and following these easy tips, you will be amazed at how cheap vaping can be when you do a few minutes of research before you buy.

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